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PVC lapel pins are fun, three-dimensional renderings of your logo or design that are perfect for promoting your business, organization, and more. Crafted from the finest materials, these custom lapel pens come in a variety of options and colors. From PVC lapel pins that are transparent, neon, sparkly or even glow in the dark, these customized lapel pins are sure to get noticed. Attractive, affordable, and perfect for a variety of purposes, PVC lapel pins are a surefire way to get your cause noticed.

These custom lapel pins are manufactures using a mold, resulting in a sculpture that can be flat, 2D, 3D or full relief. A true work of art, PVC lapel pins allow you to create customized lapel pins that look the way you want them to. For a quote on how to get custom PVC lapel pins, contact LapelPin.com today! Our goal is to provide only the best quality promotional custom lapel pins at the most affordable prices. Let our PVC lapel pins help promote your business or organization! When it comes to the highest quality custom lapel pins for your business, choose LapelPin.com.